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Jacksonville Jaguars Receiver Arrested for a DUI

A first-round draft pick for the Jacksonville Jaguars was arrested by the police yesterday for a DUI. Justin Blackmon was held on a $1,000 bail at the county jail after being suspected of driving while intoxicated by the Stillwater, Oklahoma police. This isn't Blackmon's first DUI; he was arrested for the same offense in Texas back in 2010. At that time, he was speeding on a Dallas highway when he was pulled over and issued the standard tests. The athlete is sorrowful about his mistake, and stated publically that he is apologetic to his family, friends, and alma mater, Oklahoma State.

The football player hopes that he can redeem himself from this second DUI offense in two years, and is worried that it may affect his position on the Jaguars. The coach of the Jaguars recently told the press that he likes Blackmon's "edge." However, this was before the DUI, which will damage Blackmon's reputation and cause some people to think that he is irresponsible. His trial will most likely be set for some time later on in the summer or fall. Blackmon will probably lose his license for between 18 days and two years.

Also, if convicted, he might need to pay a fine which can reach up to $4,000. He may be forced to serve as many as 200 hours in community service or 72 hours up to a year in jail. The Texas courts take a second DUI seriously. Sometimes, a person who is convicted of a subsequent offense in this state will be forced to fulfill all the penalties above and attend a mandatory rehabilitation class. If you were convicted of a DWI in Texas, we can help. At The Zendah Del Law Firm PLLC, we are committed to fighting for you and working to reduce or eliminate your DWI charge. Choose us and get the defense you need at your DUI trial.

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